What is ClearBridge Consulting?

I started ClearBridge Consulting to help people in organizations work together more effectively through our mediation, facilitation, ombuds, and negotiation and conflict coaching services.  As an organizational leader, attorney, mediator, and facilitator, I have seen first-hand how disruptive and costly miscommunication and interpersonal/inter-team conflict can be in a business. Time, attention, and resources are diverted away from the objectives of the organization. If left to fester and not resolved, even minor disagreements can escalate into expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining legal and administrative processes. I have litigated cases in court that should have been resolved years earlier through simple conversations. In my 27-year career as a mediator and facilitator, I have helped people have those conversations, find root-causes of conflict, and build solutions for productive working relationships. 

I have worked with organizations in many industries, including:

  • Healthcare

  • Family business

  • Public agencies

  • Law

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • The arts, and

  • Communities

Projects have covered a broad spectrum: Working with family businesses to help keep meetings and decision-making on point and productive; working with cross-functional teams that are facing challenges working together; helping the people in merged and acquired organizations adapt to new cultures and processes; and mediating between individuals and team members in workplace disputes.

Conflict Management Experience & Honors

  • Selected for membership in the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

Representative Clients

  • United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (workplace discrimination cases)

  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (IDEA and faculty/administration disputes)

  • United States Veterans Administration (workplace disputes)

  • National Archives and Records Administration (workplace disputes)

  • United States Arbitration and Mediation (legal/litigated cases)

  • Numerous for-profit, not-for-profit, and educational organizations


  • Masters (LL.M.) Conflict Management and Organizational Leadership - University of Missouri

  • J.D.- St. Louis University

  • B.S - University of Central Missouri

Teaching and Speaking

  • Washington University in St. Louis, Adjunct Professor of Law - teaching negotiation, mediation, multi-party negotiation and public policy dispute resolution, and business negotiations

  • St. Louis University, Adjunct Professor of Law - teaching negotiation

  • Fontbonne University, Visiting Professor, teaching conflict communication

  • Frequent speaker on conflict management and negotiation

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Jim Reeves, Principal

Jim Reeves, Principal